Build communities around content and knowledge.


Booklick is the digital solution that connects the academic community, maximizes bibliographic resources consultation, and innovates with a personalized user experience. 

Centralize every content available in your Institution.

Improve content sharing and consultation with a web and app platform with unique user experience.

Connect your academic community in the "learning and knowledge network" that focuses on content socialization with a personalized recommendation system.

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Join the network with more than 2 million users and connect with other Higher Education Institutions:

"We are what we read
and the people we meet"





Our Plan Includes:

  • Intuitive Platform based on network functionalities focused around learning and knowledge
  • Ez-proxy and LDAP integrations
  • LMS Integration
  • Aplicación Móvil
  • Institutional Repository and Catalog Integration
  • Databases Integration
  • Inter-community
  • Complete guidance and personalized marketing strategies
  • 24/7 Dashboard
  • Technical Support


Booklick is the first learning and knowledge network, consisting of a multi-platform service that allows every member of your Institution to connect and share scientific content and academic interests enhancing their own learning process.

In this platform, you can centralize all of your Library’s resources, and enable unique profiles for each member of the Institution so they can share content such as books, articles, podcasts, videos, everything that they find relevant to their learning process.

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Integrate and display your Discovery System, Institutional repository, catalog, and databases.

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Integrate Booklick into your LMS (Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas) by displaying the official bibliography of each course and further connecting teachers and students.

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Align your institutional objectives with customized marketing strategies designed with our marketing team.

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Create and authenticate your community profiles via Proxy Server Authentication.

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Access real-time reports to perform quantitative and qualitative analysis.

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Access Booklick through a web platform and mobile App

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Connect with other Higher Education Institutions worldwide


We promote knowledge sharing while strictly protecting copyright licenses. For this reason, our policies are the following:

A. Booklick’s algorithm serves as the first gate to analyze content uploaded in the platform. Contents’ metadata is scanned and reported in cases where a copyrights’ violation occurs, and Booklick’s support team proceeds to take it down and send a notification to the user. When this happens three times under a given period of time, the user is suspended from the platform.

B. This and other measures taken, are all reflected in our Terms and Conditions.

Booklick’s differentiator is the focus on the academic community, as to how best deliver an user friendly platform where knowledge is recommended according to every personal need and preference. 

In contrast with Learning Management Systems, we provide an environment that connects everyone: library, students, teachers, employees, publishers, and more. On the other hand, while there are Discovery Systems that centralize content and display it on a search box, Booklick allows users to explore content beyond a search engine. They also find content based on customized recommendations and through their peers.

In today’s times, information is the new gold. That’s why we thrive to recover the most robust statistics regarding number of content consultation, topic tendencies, learning patterns, and clusters based on what the network is doing. 

1. Technical installation led by our Support Team.

2. Booklick’s link displayed on your Institution’s web portals, strategically guided by our Marketing Team.

3. Marketing Booklick in your Institution based on a Strategic Work Plan developed by our Marketing Team adapted to your needs and context.

The contents that appear in Booklick are the following:

1. Data Bases’ metadata subscribed by your Institution
2. Your bibliographies, such as the institutional repository and catalog
3. Open Access content
4. Content uploaded by users

Those works whose patrimonial right belongs to the publishing houses that you subscribe to are redirected from Booklick to the databases' web portal. Open access titles, and those uploaded by users, are stored on our Platform and are consulted in the Booklick reader.




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