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Booklick (Web)

Discover the platform that facilitates the access of students and teachers to the resources of your library.

BK Proxy

An intuitive and friendly interface, which serves as a bridge to facilitate remote access to your library resources.


Booklick integrates with your LMS through a plug-in, creating a bridge between the resources of your library and the virtual classroom.

Booklick (App)​

With Booklick App, you can give your community access to the digital library anytime, anywhere.

Automatic Bib.

Save time and effort by creating automatic "booklists" with the bibliographies of all your courses.


Integrate every database, repository, catalog and content of the university in Booklick.

BK Statistics

BK Statistics offers you a dashboard to view relevant information about the use of your platform.




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Aumenta el uso de tus contenidos y consolida
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