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Frequently Asked Questions

It consists of two main steps: i. Authentication ii. Content centralization 

Through an integration guide that we send, the Institution and Booklick enable the platform for users to enter with their institutional credentials. The entry is usually made through the Institution's Proxy (the one used to consult subscribed databases) ii. Content centralization can be done from resource to resource, or by integrating the Discoverer. The whole process takes, on average, one month. This may vary depending on the response speed of the Institution and the amount of resources that are integrated into Booklick (there are processes that take 2 months, another 15 days) 

In Colombia there are more than 70 institutions that have opted to innovate by linking their users to the knowledge network. Institutions from countries such as Chile and Costa Rica have opened the LATAM community. Now we are looking for those who want to bet on a transformative education by becoming a pioneer in their country. Booklick is venturing throughout LATAM, Spain and the USA in 2021.

It depends. When it comes to subscribed databases, users from other institutions cannot consult such content. In the case that institutions have subscribed content in common, users will be able to view recommendations from these resources and consult them within their own environment. Regarding open access content and that shared by users, it can be viewed and consulted between institutions.

There is a catalog of 80 million multidisciplinary contents registered in Booklick. To date we have loaded 300,000 of them, increasing the amount weekly. We highlight sources such as: Arxiv (Cornell University), TED videos, DOAJ, Open Libra, Coursera, PubMed. 

Booklick plays a different role than these tools. Our approach is that, through a friendly platform, connect minds and create a knowledge network. Unlike a virtual classroom, Booklick builds community and does so around the content of the Library, connecting all the actors of the institutions; users are not divided by courses or subjects. We complete ourselves by integrating our functionalities within the LMS. 

In contrast with Learning Management Systems, we provide an environment that connects everyone: library, students, teachers, employees, publishers, and more. On the other hand, while there are Discovery Systems that centralize content and display it on a search box, Booklick allows users to explore content beyond a search engine. They also find content based on customized recommendations and through their peers.  

The Institution will receive reports with findings on the reading and learning behavior of your Institution like never before.